The New York Times Magazine, Road Warriors: Meet the Vigilantes Fighting ISIS, October 2015 


The New York Times Sunday Book Review The Evil Hours by David Morris February 2015 


Evil Hours Cover Final.jpg

The New York Times Sunday Book Review My Life As a Foreign Country by Brian Turner January 2015


The New Republic, Waiting For ISIS, cover story, August 2015 


The New Republic, My Terrifying Night With Commander Pigeon, October 2015  

Esquire, Judy Clarke Has Saved Every American Villain. Until Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, May 2015 

"Along with the Boston Bomber, she has defended Ted Kaczynski, Zacarias Moussaoui, Eric Rudolph, and Susan Smith in court. By saving the worst among us, Clarke believes she's saving all of us. Whether we like it or not."


Harper's, Folio, Love Crimes: What Liberation Looks lIke for Afghan Women, January 2015 

"In this month’s Folio, Jen Percy, travels to Afghanistan and discovers that conditions for women have hardly improved since the U.S. invasion in 2001—which politicians had sometimes used women’s rights to justify. Women marry their rapists in order to avoid jail time for committing a “moral crime,” domestic-violence shelters are overcrowded, and even the female employees of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs are covered in bruises inflicted by abusive husbands. “Violence against women is now a matter of revenge against the foreigners,” a member of Afghanistan’s parliament tells Percy, “because women’s rights are one of the achievements of the international community. It’s a structured violence against women.” -- Ellen Rosenbush



 Harper's Demon Camp, November 2013